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Platforms Schedule

Friday, October 5th – Developer Day

9:30 AM Check-in: Morning breakfast and coffee
10:00 AM Scaling a Billion Page View Business: From our great friends at Hi 5  
10:45 AM A word from our great friends at Userplane
11:30 AM Case Studies: (Paul McKellar of Social Moth, Keith Schacht, Ben Pollack and Mark Achler of Grow-A-Gift and Joe Winterhalter of Quizzes)
12:30 PM Super Lunch: Mingle and enjoy tasty foods and beverages.
2:00 PM Startup Essentials: From our great friends atSun
3:00 PM $5,000 Iron Coder Contest: 24 hours and most users wins all! Top quality applications can have the opportunities to win a slew of other prizes to be presented at the conference. You in?
9:30 PM Open Party @ Scruffy Murphy’s: Food, drinks & fun!

Saturday, October 6th

9:00 AM Check-in: Morning breakfast and coffee
10:00 AM Keynote: Mitch Kapor of Foxmarks
11:15 AM Messaging Platform Panel: What’s hot in the next 6 months. (Martin Green of Meebo, Jason Statemen of Pownce, Alex Payne of Twitter, Shawn Allen of Stamen Design, and Stephen Benedict of AOL; moderated by: Lindsay Blakely of Fortune Magazine)
1:00 PM Funding Panel: Where and how to get $$$. (Naval Ravikant of, Andrew Braccia of Accel, and Rob Hayes of First Round Capital; moderated by: Matt Marshall of VentureBeat)
02:30 PM Case Study/Mini-Demos: What does it take to build on a platform? (Mike Sego of “fluff” friends, Tim Suzman, Ted Suzman and Mark Kantor of Graffiti, and Blake Commagere of Vampires.)
04:00 PM Application Monetization: Can we really make money on these things? (Muratza Hussain of Peanut Labs, Scott Rafer of Lookery, and Narendra Rocherolle of 83 Degrees; moderated by Vineet Buch of Bluerun Ventures)
05:00 PM Post-conference BBQ & Open Bar: More tastiness, drinking and socializing.